NoTubes, Rim, ZTR Crest 29er, 28H, Black, Disc, ISO 622x21

Code NT-RTCR90001
Description NoTubes, Rim, ZTR Crest 29er,
28H, Black, Disc, ISO 622x21

On any given day, you’ll find Crest wheelsets and rims hunting podiums, blazing world class race courses, helping weekend warriors deftly navigate quiet singletrack, and escorting seasoned pros to victory with lightweight agility and dependability. They’re that good. They’re that proven.

Bead Socket Technology ensures a super secure connection with your tyre and allows 
full tyre inflation for improved traction, more control in the corners and less rolling resistance. 
The lower sidewalls of a BST rim are both lighter and more durable than traditional rims, offering the performance demanded by some of the world’s fastest riders.

At under 350g for the 26in model and less than 390g for the 29,er Crest rims give you the edge you need to win. Each rim is fully tubeless-compatible using our Yellow Tape, Universal Valve Stem and Stan’s NoTubes Tyre Sealant. Find your own personal best with the Crest.


• Designed for XC Racing/Riding

• Bead Socket Technology rims are wider and lower than conventional rims, increasing the tyre volume for less rolling resistance, better traction and a faster cornering

• Less sidewall also means less rotational weight where it matters most 

• Rims are Tubeless Compatible with the 21mm or 25mm Yellow Tape, a 35mm Universal 
  Valve Stem and Stan’s NoTubes Sealant

• Go tubeless with a standard clincher, tubeless ready, or tubeless tyre.

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