NoTubes, Wheelset, Avion Disc Team, 24/28H, F NEO 15x100mm , R NEO 12x142mm, Shim

Code NT-SWAV90009
Description NoTubes, Wheelset, Avion Disc
Team, 24/28H, F NEO 15x100mm
, R NEO 12x142mm, Shim

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<p>Offering decreased rolling resistance on paved roads, unbeatable comfort on gravel, and a weight barely over 1500g, the Avion Carbon Disc is the future of performance road wheelsets. The Avion's R Series Bead Socket Technology is designed for tubelessspecific road tires, traditional clincher tires when used with tubes, and wider gravel and cyclocross tires. The 28mm WideRight rim profile of the Avion increases tire volume and decreases pressure, for less rolling resistance, superior traction, and more comfort. Featuring our vibration damping Radial Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology (RiACT) and built around the reliability and quick engagement of our new Neo and Neo Ultimate hubs, the Avion offers performance that doesn't stop when the pavement ends.</p>
<li>Designed for Disc Brake Road, Gravel, and Cyclocross</li>
<li><strong>Pro</strong>&nbsp;versions feature Neo Ultimate hubs with 5&deg; engagement and Sapim CX Ray spokes</li>
<li><strong>Team</strong>&nbsp;versions feature Neo hubs with 10&deg; engagement and Sapim CX Sprint spokes</li>
<li>41mm deep aerodynamic RiACT rims absorb impacts and roll faster</li>
<li>New faster engaging, 100% CNC machined Neo hubs</li>
<li>BST-R series for tubeless road, traditional road with tube, and wider tires</li>
<li>28mm WideRight rim design optimized for 25mm-40mm tires</li>
<li>Sapim spokes with Secure Lock aluminum nipples</li>
<li>2-year warranty with 3-year crash replacement</li>
<li>Available for Shimano/SRAM, SRAM XD, and Campagnolo cassettes</li>
<li>Available for all current quick-release and through-axle configurations</li>
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