Weldtite Silicone Polish Spray Aerosol 500mL

Code W3042
Description Weldtite Silicone Polish Spray
Aerosol 500mL

Specially formulated to compliment the other cleaners and degreasers in the Dirtwash range, this is a key addition, allowing users to put the ‘finishing sparkle’ to their bike.

Dirtwash Silicone Bike Polish is a high quality silicone/wax blend formulated to clean quickly:

• provides a durable high gloss finish
• suitable for use on all parts of the bicycle
• good streak resistance
• cleans and polishes in one
• excellent water repellence.
• does not leave any dry, white residues which can otherwise spoil the
• appearance of a clean bike.

Note: DO NOT spray on braking surfaces (rims/discs and pads)

Available: 500ml aerosol

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