Weldtite Combination Lube Tray

Code W3051
Description Weldtite Combination Lube Tray

Combination Lube Tray

Counter display stand which incorporates a selection of our three most popular chain lubricants: Extreme wet lube, Performance lube and TS2 Plus Dry lube.

There are three sizes of product within this combination: 75ml, 100ml and 125ml which offers the customer the ultimate choice. The pack comes individually boxed with all the items pre-packed into the tray.


03034 - TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant (75ml) x 3
03035 - TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant (125ml) x 3
03036 - TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant (75ml) x 3
03037 - TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant (125ml) x 3
03047 - TF2 Performance Lubricant (100ml) x 6

Weldtite Combination Lube Tray

Light & Motion Urban 1000 FC White Lion (White/White)

NoTubes, Rim, Sentry Mk3 29er 32H, Black, Disc