Weldtite Jetvalve Smart System Repair Pod

Code W7023
Description Weldtite Jetvalve Smart System
Repair Pod

With patches, tyre levers, a CO2 inflator and spare cartridge, the Jetvalve Smart system repair pod contains everything you need to repair a puncture and reinflate your tyre in one handy compact kit.

A specially designed removable collar allows a cartridge to be threaded into the inflator head without being pierced, allowing you to carry or store an extra cartridge without any chance of leaks.

Top Features of the Jetvalve Smart System Repair Pod

• Lightweight and convenient
• Includes two tyre levers, two CO2 cartridges, inflator head and six self sealing patches
• Perfect for your pack, your saddle bag or your jersey pocket
• Compatible with all threaded CO2 cartridges

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