"""WTB - Trail Boss 2.25 27.5 TCS Tough FR Tire

Code WT-W010-0553
Description """WTB - Trail Boss 2.25 27.5
TCS Tough FR Tire

USAGE: XC / Trail / All Mountain
CONDITIONS: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Loam

Tight enough tread spacing for high speed, drag-free onslaughts yet blocky and tall enough to really dig in when it comes time to slam on the brakes. A rounded profile and staggered, supported side knobs keep clamoring for traction even as the trail loses its camber. Want to go out and own it? Be the Trail Boss.

GU Waffle, Hot Chocolate 16 Pack

TOKEN TF24 Ninja BB Kit, boxed BB86/BB30/PF30, Shimano Black, include install tool

Light & Motion Vibe 200